about // seth dobie

California native and industry veteran, Seth Dobie grew up saturated in the creative world of Los Angeles, CA. He keeps that chill LA vibe alive, blending a trained eye with true passion. Seth’s easygoing and professional attitude brings out the best in his subjects, and crew, so he can pull stunning results even with inexperienced models.


“It’s all about capturing a feeling. I help and guide my subjects until they deliver. Whether it’s a small one-on-one shoot, or a full team on location, we get the shots we need, and have fun while doing it!” -Seth

background // bio

At 23 Seth began his career in Photography, combining the skills he learned from designing 3D Characters and Environments with Lighting, Color Theory, Design and Composition. Seth excelled in the medium, shooting his then girlfriend Megg Morales on America's Next Top Model.


At 25 Seth developed the creative concept: Tinsel Tokyo, which would evolve into a clothing line, an online store, and finally realize its destiny as a highly creative Fashion Magazine with international distribution in 2010.


At 26 Seth Traveled to Europe where he drew inspiration from Street Art and Skate Culture in Barcelona, Ibiza, & Sweden.


At 27 Seth was hired by Rosemary Demann, former president at BCBG Max Azria, to help re-brand Weight Loss Sensation: Freshology. For the next 5 years Seth would help create and develop the now ubiquitous Fashion-Crossover into the weight loss industry.


At 32 Seth left Freshology to work full time as Editor in Chief for Fashion Magazine Tinsel Tokyo, which he continues to run today.